Little Nomads Family Accommodation Guide


Little Nomads Family Accommodation guide is a leading direct booking and information source for parents who are researching and booking accommodation for upcoming holidays with kids. 


Why list with us?

Through our website our social media profiles and content marketing practices, we can reach out to thousands of parents per month who are searching online and looking for accommodation that meets their families travel requirements.  Start your listing

What do we charge to advertise? 

$360 + GST per 12 months for a optimised property listing page

Package your listing page with other inclusions and you can save more, plus increase your online presence to our visitors. Ask when applying for details. 

All transactions are tax invoiced, and we accept direct deposit and credit cards. 


What benefits do you get

All advertised listings receive a optimised page for your property within our accommodation guide. Your property page is matched to appropriate special deals and destinations on our network, along with direct booking links to your booking or home pages.  The page can contain up to 1000 words of unique copy that helps identify why your property is suitable for families. 

We allow you to include detailed descriptions of benefits to parents and children, best rooms options for families and the total pax for room sizes. Your property will receive an interactive photo gallery and google map of your location. 


  • Direct booking links to your website and email address
  • Opportunity to display telephone numbers for reservations
  • Opportunity to promote to special offers to families^
  • Photo Gallery with up to 10 images
  • Google Map of your properties location
  • Property Summary Description
  • Description of benefits for parents and children.
  • Optimised page for search engines
  • Promotion to social media networks

Our optimised pages will help you with your own search rankings, as well creating an online presence to the families you will receive direct traffic to your website. 
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Bookings start with search

Little Nomads enjoys great success from Googles organic traffic. We work hard to ensure all our pages and your page is listed at the top of search results for keywords relating to your property and what families are searching for online. It's important that our page is mobile optimised and provides the right information to encourage visitors to book directly online through your site. 

We understand the importance of search and the type of questions families are seeking answers for online. We know how important content marketing is in the overall big picture and the why it's important to have quality links and content that points back to your site to help lift your own properties website in the organic rankings. 

Our overall organic performance is essential for our site, and we work hard to maintain quality SEO rankings so that we can provide you with customers and booking opportunities, at a lower cost than other forms of online advertising over 12 months.


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^Advertisement Booking Terms and Conditions apply. However, when listing you are more than welcome to change copy and hero images as many times as you like with your 12 month period.