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The Kiwis are some of the most hospitable people in the world. That being said, New Zealand is also a very peaceable country, one suited to the needs of families on holiday. The capacity of the country’s landscapes to leave you awe-struck is one of the main reasons why it’s worth visiting; you have imposing mountains framed by blue skies and glacial lakes, active volcanoes, beautiful plains and lush forests reaching endless sandy beaches.

New Zealand is made up of a number of islands, the principle among them being the North and South Islands, as they’re called. Despite a light population density, since there are only 4 million inhabitants, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the first-world connectivity and services, which makes getting from point A to point B with the family a lot easier.

Apart from the natural beauty of New Zealand, a family holiday can be made especially memorable by combining leisure with a bit of education. The islands were traditionally inhabited by the native Maori, and their culture is promoted country-wide and daily. Families might enjoy visiting the Museum of New Zealand in Wellington, known in Maori as “Te Papa Tongarewa,” to learn of their millennia-old traditions and customs.
The geographic magnificence of New Zealand is easily accessible. You’ll want to plan the family vacation around a route that brings you to the South Island and their gorgeous, daunting and awe-inspiring Mackenzie County. The same agreeable interpretation that you will feel there you will also feel in the Fiordland National Park. Make sure to take the family to see Milford Sound!

New Zealand is of course known for the Lord of the Rings films, and you can visit some of the locations, which will be especially memorable for children keen on that trilogy. If the family is more interested in adventure sports, New Zealand happens to be the capital of adrenaline activities. You can do everything from hang-gliding to canyoning. There’s skiing, rafting, fishing, sailing, diving, skydiving, shark cage diving and more.

The climate of the North Island is subtropical, and so the beach lovers can rally their family holiday on the sands, enjoying the summer sun that New Zealanders covet each season in places like the Bay of Islands.
With all this talk of nature, we don’t mean to neglect the cities! The capital is Wellington, and between it, Auckland and Christchurch, the bulk of the New Zealand populace is represented. There are plenty of family-friendly hotels to keep the kids well satisfied, and since New Zealand is a small country, all the wonders we’ve listed above are well within reach.

Facts for Families

Main Airports: Auckland International Airport
Time Zones: UTC+12, UTC+13 (sept-apr)
Peak Travel Periods: Dec-Mar
Off Peak Traver Periods: Apr-May, Sept-Nov
Vaccines Required: None
Weather: Dry and wet climate
Currency: NZ Dollar

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