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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Business Class BA Seat

Riding shotgun on British Airways flight to Stockholm

Don’t you just love a surprise!

The majority of British Airways business class European services are on an Airbus A321. With the business class seats on the flights being in a hybrid business/economy seat, which is a real con! I wouldn't pay for this type of business class seat at the prices they charge. However, on this occasion, I was using Qantas Frequent flyer points to get to Sweden.

I boarded the British Airways flight with the expectation that I had wasted my points on a hybrid seat. However, upon walking through the doors, my legs suddenly had a burst of excitement and almost left my torso when they were presented with a flatbed service to Stockholm. Whoo hoo!

Flying Business Class without the Kids

A quick summary of my business class flight from London to Stockholm, without children on this occasion.

Flight Number: BA776 Route: London Heathrow (LHR) to Stockholm (ARL) Flight Time: 2 hours 3O mins.

Staff / Service: I’m not going to take it for granted, think it was the fact that I was flying business class that I found the two crew in servicing the business class area to be warm and friendly. One was a little over friendly, though, not going to knock the enthusiasm as there are plenty of online flight reviews which slam the BA crew for being dragons.

Meals: On this flight, we were served a full English breakfast, which was tasty and adequate. However looking at the way other airlines are presenting meals, it could be presented with a little more spark for a Business class meal. Could have got a better-presented meal at the little chef on the side of the M40.

Seat: The flat bed seat was comfortable, with buckets of room for my height of 188cm. In the upright position the seat did feel like I was seating on an air bag. However, when you placed the seat into the lounge position, the seat adjusted better and was very supportive. There was heaps of storage around the seat for all those little things you like to have close at hand.

Inflight Entertainment: The entertainment system is fantastic with an extensive range of latest movies for people to consume. However on a European flight would think you might be hard pressed to watch a full film, as my film was cut short by 20mins leaving me hanging! The only nitpick was I was not offered any headphones! I did have my own, which I kept hidden as I wanted to see if the crew offered them! Maybe its cost-cutting exercise at BA.

Overall the flight was pretty impressive, and I have to say even if the flight was a short flight compared to Australia standards. Having the extra space made a heap of difference to the way I felt when I stepped off the aircraft, no back aches or cramps.

I flew on this flight on my own terms and used Qantas Frequent Flyer Points to purchase the tickets.

Our Pre-Flight Tips

  • Give yourself plenty of time if you are departing from Terminal 5 at Heathrow. I could have done with an extra 45mins to relax and get into flight mode, and enjoy the BA business class lounge.
  • Departure Gate C66 is probably the furthermost gate at Heathrow; you do need to adhere to the timing suggestions on your ticket to the board on time. Unless you love doing a light jog before boarding your flight.
  • Security is a long process so allow plenty of time, and make it easy with everything prepared ready to place in the tubs.

Tips for booking business class seats and economy seats.

  • If you have frequent flyer points, use them for upgrading and purchasing business class seats.
  • Use a comparison site checker to find the cheapest business class seats for yourself of your family.
  • Once booked reserve your seat, use the website to find the best seats on the aircraft for your class.


All fares and taxes were paid for by ourselves on this British Airways flight. To get our connecting flight from London to Stockholm we flew to London with courtesy to Qatar Airways


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