How to Find Cheap Family Flights

Friday, October 30, 2015

Cheap flights

How do I find Cheap flights for kids? Or as it should be known, how do I locate the holy grail of family holidays!

Well, it isn't easy, but here are a few tips that we try and follow when taking our family holidays:

Tips for finding cheap flights for kids

1. Go on holiday outside of school holidays in your country, this shaves 00's of the price of flights.

2. Look for new routes for airlines, there are often specials on offer for family bookings. Especially where there is a longer haul flight involved.

3. Use the hemispheres well, look for off season bargains in countries of interest in the opposite hemisphere to you. This is a sure fire way to pick up a bargain.

4. Work out what constitutes a child for an airline, some airlines offer child flights up to 10 years old, some 11 and some 12 and beyond. It is worth searching on the airlines website first to find out the age as aggregation sites are sometimes given out of date info.

5. Timing, work out where you want to go long before you go and start price checking. Also clear your cache regularly when you visit travel aggregation sites, you will be surprised at the results when you do.




James Hayward

James is the founder of Little Nomads a family-focused​ travel site where he shares his experiences about travelling with kids. You can have a conversation with James on twitter @littlenomads or via his Facebook page.

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