Keep Your Kids Entertained on Trips without Screens or Electronics

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Colouring Books

Traveling with children can be an exciting adventure, but keeping them entertained with fun road trip games on long trips can be challenging. The easiest solution is to plug in a device and let the movie or game keep them occupied. But, what if they could be entertained in a way that engages their mind without the use of electronics or screens?

These back-to-basics educational ideas might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Colouring and Activity Books

Colouring books and activity books that includes puzzles, quizzes, and other games are inexpensive, easy ways to keep children occupied during long trips. Some activity books can even be used to keep the entire family entertained.

A character-themed coloring book can inspire kids to expand their imagination and enter a world full of their favorite characters. If your child is currently obsessed with a certain character, this is an easy win for you and your child!

If your child feels too old for colouring books or needs greater variety, consider a kid-friendly adult colouring book.

Encourage your children to get creative and incorporate the trip into their art, using the colours they see along the journey, colorings a cat’s ears pink instead of black, etc.

Don’t forget to pack a pencil case full of crayons, colored pencils, or washable markers. A plain sketchbook is also a great idea for when your children want to let their creativity flow freely.


Books, Comics, and Graphic Novels

Books are tried-and-true travel companions. In addition to chapter books, a kid-friendly travel guide can be the perfect way to get your youngsters excited about their destination. These books often include easy-to-understand information on the culture, language, food, currency, and hot tourist spots of popular destination. By providing interactive challenges like finding an attraction and filling in the blanks, or taking a selfie at the destination, your children can immerse themselves in the experience. They may even be able to take on the role of tour guide for your family.

If your child isn’t a big fan of reading, try age-appropriate comic books, graphic novels that feature bright illustrations, or manga to keep their interest and get them reading something.  

Comics and picture books are perfect for inspiring the illustrator in your child. Pair these books with a sketch book, charcoal pencils, and an eraser. Then encourage your children to draw the characters exploring your travel destination and have them share the story with you.

Fun Car Games

You can't go past of game of eye spy to get things going. Some other fun car games for road trips can be created with a pencil or paper. Or why not try I'm going on road trip - in this game every person takes turn to add one item to the boot of car, with the next person then remembering the list of the items filling up the boot then adding there item. When someone can't remember all the items they drop out, until you have a winner!

Travel-Friendly Games

Travel games are also a great way to keep kids occupied on long trips. A deck of playing cards can make for dozens of game ideas for kids of all ages, or choose a themed card deck such as Old Maid, Memory, or other age-appropriate game. Many popular board games also come in travel-sized varieties, from chess and checkers to Scrabble and Trouble.

If you’re taking a bus or car and expect a few pit stops along the way, consider taking a Frisbee, inflatable ball, or jump rope for a quick activity at meal stops and bathroom breaks. Adding a bit of physical activity can help reduce fidgeting and provide something for your children to look forward to.

Brain Teasers

Brain teasers are a fun way for kids to work their brains while traveling and can be entertaining for the whole family.

Try a brain-bending activity book or a collection of riddles.

Trivia books and “did you know” activities related to the destination help spur excitement about attractions that are on your list of places to visit and may even encourage you to add more.

Activity books that feature kid-friendly versions of word search, crosswords, or Sudoku can also be a fun way to entertain and educate.

Character-Themed Games and Activity Books

If your children have a favorite character, consider putting together a character-themed collection for them and incorporate visiting their character’s favorite attractions into your trip.

For example, if your daughters love all things Hello Kitty, put together a travel collection featuring Hello Kitty Mad Libs, sticker book, free coloring pages, and story books. Visit the character’s website to find tips, ideas, and activities to incorporate, and make sure to include a plush character travel companion that they can read to and share their adventures with.

Putting Away the Electronics Is Easier Than You Thought

Traveling with children can be challenging, but it’s also a great opportunity to bond as a family and create lasting memories together. It’s easy to avoid electronics if you plan ahead and think about your children’s interests. Books, coloring items, brain teasers, and travel-friendly games are all tools you can include on your packing list to ensure the journey is as much fun as the destination.


Jenny Stradling

Jenny has created a fan site for Hello Kitty enthusiasts and features fun facts, unique Hello Kitty pictures and videos, and cool products. Check out her site

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