Round the children up honey, its week 46.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weekly Roundup of events

Wow what a week, I can't believe its almost Christmas and for some of us its sand and chlorine pools, while for others it's clip on your boots lets find that fluffy white stuff.

Have you finalised your travel arrangements for the holiday season?

Weekly Wrap Up

This is a quick round of all the top things we have talked out on the site this week.

Things to think about for the upcoming holiday seasons.

  1. Gifts - Purchase any online gifts in the next couple of weeks if you want them in time for Christmas!
  2. Accommodation Booking - Have you booked or planning on booking some holiday accommodation for the family. The clock is ticking and the time frame is getting narrow for those popular spots.
  3. Book Leave - you may have booked the vacation but have you told your work your going on holidays! You don't need a whoops I forgot moment.

Have a great week...


James Hayward

James is the founder of Little Nomads a family-focused​ travel site where he shares his experiences about travelling with kids. You can have a conversation with James on twitter @littlenomads or via his Facebook page.

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