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Why should you consider travel insurance for your next family holiday?

Family vacations are wonderful, but unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan.  The vast majority of holidays will be trouble free, however from time-to-time, people get sick, accidents happen, belongings get lost or stolen and more.

Family comprehensive travel insurance can help you cover the costs for unforeseen insurable events while travelling with the family, even before your holiday commences. Depending on the level of cover, travel insurance can cover your family for events such as trip cancellation/interruption, medical expenses for injury or illness, theft of valuables, baggage damage and more.

The cost of travel insurance depends on the type of cover you need for your family, along with other factors such as the ages of the people being covered under the policy, the destinations you're visiting, the amount of time you will be travelling for, and pre-existing medical conditions.

There are a large variety of travel insurance policies available, so make sure you shop around to find the best policy that meets the needs and expectations of your family’s requirements and travel plans.

Here are some of the top reasons families choose to cover their travel?

  1.  Some travel insurance companies offer Cancellation Cover in the event you cannot travel due to an unforeseen emergency event. Cancellation cover will typically compensate you for pre-booked excursion and accommodations costs that cannot be recovered by the provider.
  2.  Medical cover is usually offered due to high medical costs overseas. For this reason some companies offer unlimited medical cover for additional peace-of-mind.
  3.  If you are taking valuable personal belongings you may want to protect your items.  Some travel insurers will offer cover either per person or per family. You should note that policies will include a single article limit. Some insurers may allow you to increase the limit by paying an additional premium.
  4. If you are going on an active or adventure holiday, make sure you choose a policy that includes the activities that you and your children will be doing, as insurance companies will exclude certain sporting activities.  Make sure you carefully look at any exclusion, or consider specially designed policies or any conditions attached to the activity. For example, you can often get specific skiing holiday policies.  Some policies might exclude activities you may assume would be covered, for example theme park rides, water skiing, canoeing etc.  Be careful to read the PDS.
  5.  Above all, it’s most important to be honest with the travel insurer, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. All providers treat pre-existing medical conditions differently, and depending on the condition, there may be an additional charge. 
Little Nomads is not owned by any travel insurance providers and does not act on their behalf. Little Nomads may receive a fee for referring you to a travel insurance provider.  We strongly recommend you read the PDS of any Travel Insurance product you are considering, to ensure its the right cover for you and your family.   

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